Module 4

Action and Accountability


The end goal for ethics is to take action, ideally implemented with the greatest care to all involved. Ethical accountability is the readiness to take responsibility for actions taken (or not taken). This is not always easy, as many people will rationalize or qualify their decision-making, especially if the outcome may not be positive. These are some of the greater challenges to living an ethical life—the willingness to take action, and to be held fully accountable for those actions.


Learning Opportunities

• The Problem with Apathy
• Ethical (Dis) Engagement and the Need for (Re) Engagement
• The Challenges of Living an Ethical Life

Learning Outcomes:

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills §112.37.  §113.42  §110.53. 
College and Career Readiness Mathematics 6C Science 4B, 10E Cross-Disciplinary 2A/C

*Note: You can download the College and Career Readiness Standards HERE.