Integrating Ethics

From Thought to Action

A Partnership
to Integrate Ethics
into the
Core Curriculum


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The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, coalesced by Senate Bill 482, was established to ensure that resources are available to students, educators, and the general public regarding the Holocaust and other genocides. The commission would like to imbue in individuals a sense of responsibility to uphold human value, especially in the face of genocidal travesty, while also recognizing the horrific acts as well as the people throughout these atrocities that participated in the preservation of human sanctity. It is a desire of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission to forge a relationship with interested parties to coordinate or modify courses of study and awareness programs, and coordinate commemorative events to further pursue their mission. Learn more about the THGC’s impact by visiting


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Creative Studios

The University of Texas at El Paso

Creative Studios (CS) at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) serves as a model of excellence in providing integrated support for pedagogically and technologically effective university research, teaching and learning. We are dedicated to fostering broad and productive cooperation, personal and professional advancement, and access to emerging and evolving technologies. We design, develop and implement teaching and learning solutions that balance the needs of our clientele, integrate research-based best practice teaching and learning strategies, and accentuate state-of-the-art technologies. AT staff are experts in content delivery and communication, technology and design. Learn more about Creative Studios by watching our video.


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Dr. Chris Reyman, Assistant Professor of Commercial Music at The University of Texas at El Paso, for composing music for this project ( We are truly indebted.


Additional Special Thanks

We'd like to thank the participants in our video production for their time and willingness to share their stories:


Dr. Gabriella Sanchez
Ms. Tori Whitcomb
Mr. David Castro
Mr. Victor Manjarrez Jr.
Dr. Dayle Sharp
Mr. Daniel Perez
Dr. Daniel Hughes
Mr. Peter Berkowitz
Dr. Anna Steinberger

Ms. Chaja Verveer
Dr. Kevin Floyd
Mr. Enrique Meza
Ms. Brittany Roach
Mr. Skyler Carreon
Ms. Manuela Gomez
Ms. Jessica Arzavala
Dr. Martina Myers
Mr. Enrique Moreno


Yolanda Zermeño
Cristy Zermeño
Elisa Zermeño
Mamie Ramirez
Dr. William Robertson
Andrea LaFleche
Dr. Joyce Asing-Cashman
John McLaughlin

Vanessa Romero
Edgar Sanchez
Joseph Muñiz
Alison Varela
Dr. Anjanette Todd
Andrea Aguilar
Miles Westbrook
Avery Westbrook


Thank you to Charles Sadnick III and William McWhorter.

We’d also like to thank the actors and actresses at Kids-N-Co for sharing their talents in our video production as well.

Thank you to Andrea Saenz Juaregui and Elena Bitner for the additional copy-editing.

And thank you to Georgia J. Varela for transcribing the animation videos.

And a very special “Thank You”

To our families, friends, and colleagues who supported us unconditionally with their patience, feedback, and encouragement during this project.