Module 4: Resources

Action and Accountability


The content for this project would not have been possible if not for our UTEP faculty and Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission consultants.  We also referred to secondary research for inspiration and to support content development. We have done our best to attribute all sources here, as well as point faculty to additional resources that may encourage further study. If there are any issues regarding attribution or copyright, please use “Contact Us” and we will resolve those concerns immediately.

Works Consulted

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            of Personality and Social Psychology, 8(4, Pt.1), 377-383.

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Teaching Strategies

Writing a Paper on Ethical Accountability

Additional Assignments to Increase Student Engagement

A Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Profiles in Ethics Discussion Questions

“A Good Soldier”

"Something to Consider"

"The Ethics of Species Discovery"

“It Never Goes Away”

“Take a Stand”


Web Resources

"A Year of Ethical Living Revisited"

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Ethics and International Affairs

Human Rights Action Center

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

United Nations

United States Holocaust Museum

USC Dornsife: College of Letters, Arts and Sciences