Module 2: Resources

Ethical Judgment


The content for this project would not have been possible if not for our UTEP faculty and Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission consultants.  We also referred to secondary research for inspiration and to support content development. We have done our best to attribute all sources here, as well as point faculty to additional resources that may encourage further study. If there are any issues regarding attribution or copyright, please use “Contact Us” and we will resolve those concerns immediately.


Works Consulted

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Milgram, S. (1969). Obedience to authority: An experimental view. NY: Harper & Row.


Teaching Strategies 

Fostering Ethical Writing

“A Night Out”

Creating an Ethical Online Environment


Discussion Questions for Videos 


“I’m Not a Criminal"

"Coin of the Realm"

“They Took Her Away”


Web Resources

A Brief History of Shia LaBeouf Copying the Work of Others   

College Drinking Prevention     

Harvard Says 125 Students May Have Cheated on a Final Exam    

Interview: Shepard Fairey     

ReThinking Drinking: Alcohol and Your Health      

Rock Legend Gene Simmons’ Son in Manga Plagiarism Storm   

Student’s Novel Faces Plagiarism Controversy     

The Plagiarist:  Why Stephen Ambrose is a Vampire       

The Jayson Blair Affair    

Alcoholics Anonymous    

ProjectKnow: Alcohol Overdose    



The images used in the “Explore” section of this module can be found on various locations on the web. Those used in this module were gathered courtesy of the image curation platform Imgur. These images are being used for educational purposes only, and adhere to the copyright permissions established by Imgur.