Module 1: Resources

What is Ethics? 


The content for this project would not have been possible if not for our UTEP faculty and Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission consultants.  We also referred to secondary research for inspiration and to support content development. We have done our best to attribute all sources here, as well as point faculty to additional resources that may encourage further study. If there are any issues regarding attribution or copyright, please use “Contact Us ” and we will resolve those concerns immediately.


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Teaching Strategies

Using Infographics

Who Gets the Parachute?

Spark the Conversation: Case Studies


Discussion Questions for Videos

“Just Fries, Please”

“For the Good of the Show”

“A Good Father”

"The Power of Words"


Web Resources

"An Ethical and Sustainable Hamburger?"   

“Ethics Unwrapped”    

"Ethics of the World’s First Synthetic Burger"  

"Santa Clara University Markula Center for Applied Ethics"